Our vision for the Rock Family Church is to make disciples (Matthew 28:19) who are ‘Rock like Christians’: Believers who are full of faith and authority, who can be led, but can also lead.  Dependable, consistent men of God who are not intimidated by the enemy or by changes in the world and culture around them. People who will do what is right, even when they are in the minority or surrounded by difficult circumstances.  Righteous and faithful sons of God who know how to laugh at adversity and expect good things from God.
 ‘Rock-like’ Christians are ‘Led by the Spirit’:  (Jeremiah 29:13 / Matthew 7:7-8 / Romans 8:14)
We believe Jesus is ‘the Rock’, full of power, authority, wisdom and love.  He is and has everything we need to see God transform our lives and help us live the way He showed us it should be led.  We believe born again believers should live as new creations – starting over, but this time with God’s help and this time experiencing many victories. We accept that we can all start off broken or fearful, but we are convinced that there will be dramatic and obvious positive changes in the lives of those who give their lives to the Lord and begin to walk ‘in the Spirit’ (with the help of the Holy Spirit).

Being ‘rock-like’ is about being up front and honest about our doubts and fears, but it is also about expecting God to answer us. If we have questions or concerns, we need to be able to seek the Lord and find answers.  Jesus said: ‘If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me.” God has the answers and will help us become more and more like Him if we respond to His direction.

‘They go from strength to strength and glory to glory’

(Psalm 84:72 / Romans 8:29 / Corinthians 3:18)

God is a God of redemption and He begins to redeem our lives from the moment we make Him Lord. If you’re just looking for a ticket into heaven, then someone has totally misled you. Jesus paid a very high price for our lives, so salvation is free for us, but it costs everything! Becoming a Christian is about becoming a son or daughter of God the Father and joining His international eternal family. We are fully loved by Him and fully known by Him. God is not content with us remaining in sin and knows that we could fall away from Him if we do, so out of love, He will not leave us alone. (Hebrews 6).

The Good News then is that the price has been paid and never needs to be paid again and we can toughen up spiritually and take dominion as we were meant to.