We believe that family and
procreation were both God’s
idea. He loves marriage.
He loves family. He loves kids.
We do too. God’s ways work
The facts support the
Jesus will come for His bride,
the church, because God’s ways
are reflected by His creation.
We are all part of a family,
single, courting or married.
With kids or not, we are all part
of a family and the church is
the family of God.
We want you to feel precious,
important, needed.
God made you for now and
if you’re reading this, it might be
that you need to come and
be part of our family.
No matter how difficult your
past was, your future can be
very different.
God makes us all new.



The bible is our starting point.
God’s word is the wisdom we need.
His ways are the best possible
choice and His works mould us
and prepare us for ‘greater works’.
Our lives are relatively short, but
we get to choose how to use them.
At the Rock, we believe in participation.
Everyone has something they can offer.
And offering, even a widows mite,
is important to God. He loves it when
we offer whatever we can.  He always
got angry with hypocrites who
‘played the game’ or tried to ‘look good’.
Jesus was always confrontational,
in the most loving way and we try to
be that way too. 
What’s the point of pretending?
At the Rock, expect to be real.
Choose to be real and relax, because you can be.