“Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24 NASB)
We are passionate about truth and righteousness and adhere to traditional Christian teachings on relationships, marriage, family and discipleship, because we believe God’s ‘Ways‘ are the foundation of a  blessed life.  (Matt 7 / Deut 28).
We believe His Words are unchanging, forever reliable and forever true, they are Truth, unaffected by pop culture, but powerful and effective in all circumstances
(Heb 4)
We also believe that when our lives reflect God’s Ways and our decisions and thoughts are founded on God’s Word, then He will be at work in us to achieve His Works!  (Eph 2)
We’ve also broken down each of these three  core values into the key biblical components of each and placed them as they overlap, as primary, secondary and tertiary elements.  We used a ‘values wheel’ (formerly a colour wheel!) to show how we plan to focus on and teach each subject:
As you might have noticed, we prioritise family life and as the proud parents of five kids, soon to be six, we have some experience in building a successful family unit!  Our aim is to build a church where individuals and families feel part of the bigger family of God and live lives that honour the Lord and bring Him glory, as His beloved children.
(Prov 17 / Psalm 68 & 90 / Exodus 20 / Mal 1)

Our vision for church  is founded on the truth that God is unchanging, forever reliable and forever true to His word.  He is ‘integrity’ personified.  This desire to live our lives based on God’s unchanging word (found in the bible) and His unchanging loving nature means we have four key priorities conveniently summarised by the acronym ROCK: 


Being authentic with God & each other / showing real commitment to others; especially our families / having fun and socialising together.
Participating, using our gifts to serve; give and  fulfil God given dreams and visions.
Working together in church missions / welcoming the Lord’s conviction and maintaining personal accountability / perseverance through trials and  growth.  Challenging preaching in which there’s no doubt something to offend everyone!
Accepting Jesus is King and that we are not! / Hearing from and being led by God / Experiencing healing and miracles / spiritual authority over the devil / making more disciples.